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The nebulous irises of your eyes
pull at me with their gravity
tugging at my resistance
as I thrust myself against the draw
There is pain there
so deep I may collapse in it
if it surrounds me
There is loneliness
from light years of empty space
and I struggle to recall
that I never called you home
I can almost feel the warmth
of a new sun
where I never felt it before
beaming from the corner
of your endless eyes.

(c)2013 RCGA



Tangled in the damp weight of lax limbs,
hand on your thundering heart,
I follow my breaths into the humid space
our bodies have created,
inhaling the deep musky loam
of some primordial forest
lush with the sanguineous saline of life.

The chase has reached its denouement;
the blooded hunter and prey lie together
in a little death.

(c) RCGA 2013


They say time is relative,

somehow based on what is happening

how we perceive it,

not the digits or dials or sand or water or shadows

with which we measure it.

If that is true, then why not distance also

why must separation feel

whether inch, or mile

or across the veil of death

too far to reach?

(c) RCGA 2013


Ghost Cat

There is a ghost cat in my house,

a ginger tom, I’m thinkin.

He brushes by peripheral-like,

pops in and out like blinkin.

Now I don’t know why he is here,

I guess nobody knows;

but there’s a ghost cat in my house

that reg’lar comes and goes.

(c) RCGA 2013



White streaks in light blue 

wind shivers the naked trees 

first red breast spotted.



What bitterness

when coming spring

reminds only of

impending fall

The spark of fresh life

tasting of the burnt out ash

from long ago bonfires

Memories are the thinnest cloak

pretending to keep out the chill

yet ultimately unable

The crocus pushes frozen earth aside

and the failing heart cracks

like hoarfrost

© RCGA 2013