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Senses: A Dialogue


then let me whisper subtly close in your ear
the tiniest invisible hairs tickle slightly
as they react to the words carried on warm breath
the words are on the verge of hearing
like a distant radio carrying a message you want to hear
the breath opens your soul
the words penetrate into your secret places
slowly the words fade


fingertips follow the curves of skin
like a Zen master’s brush follows the marks of poetry
touches like the faintest hairlines
blend into bold strokes
under pressure
spattering and scattering sensations like ink
poetry of love
painted with touch
on every part
of you


breathing you into me
devouring the scent of your hair
burying my face in fine strands
learning the difference
between the back of the neck
and the front
taking in your breath
as it leaves your mouth
seeking folds of skin
where scents gather
finding sources
where scents are made
your body makes new scents
just for me
to find


your voice intrigues
unfalsely you speak of secrets
unflinchingly you probe with questions
unselfconsciouly you sigh
when I listen to your heart beating
with my head cradled against you
knowing your heart
changes its beat
when I
do this


your eyes show me you
your eyes know me too
light on your hair
explodes with delight
into colors
I savor
light on your skin
penetrates translucency of surface
before it rises into vision
for me
to see
I see you
I take you into me with my eyes
every detail
every scar
every secret
in being touched
by my eyes


then kiss here
your kiss tastes of you
I kiss you there to learn that taste
water sweat this morning’s soap
salt here
sweet there
bitter where some unguent
masks the smells of nature
piquant where some gland
tells me you want me
a thousand kisses
are needed to
taste all of you
a thousand more
makes a good

(c) RCGA, 2013

This is an older poem I pulled out and edited during the month.It was a collaborative effort with a Spanish poet I corresponded with.


Evening Prayer

Great Spirit
my heart is heavy from the day
there are so many things that need to be done
so many relying upon me
that I am weary here at nightfall
and I ask you, humbly,
to take my burdens from me for tonight
and carry them for me while I sleep;
that you watch over me while I rest
and fill my dreams with your beauty,
that you hold my hand and remind me
that I am your child forever.
Great Spirit
when I wake in the morning refreshed
I will gladly return to my work
and give you thanks
for remembering me in my darkness
until it is light again.

(c) RCGA, 2013ImageApril 15, 2013


Up against the wall

between stone and a hard man

no dilemma here

(c) RCGA, 2013


Spring Magic

Yellow beaks waving

Tiny wrenlets made of fluff

The magic of spring

(c) RCGA, 2013Image

Late April, the wren chicks have hatched!


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