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Lessons from a Bee

You can’t have it all

but my all means have a taste

a sip or two

a nibble

a modest portion

have an hors d’oeuvre

enjoy an amuse bouche

Life is a party

you have to work the room

keep moving

from hour to hour

and flower to flower

gathering experience

going home to rest

telling the others how to go

where the best bits are

(c)RCGA 2014



Silver Creek

June bug in the wine glass
next to the small square window
where Battenburg lace
flutters and flirts

The rooster crows all day here
a disorienting habit

I can’t decide
whether to uncork the Moscato
and evict the goblet’s tenant

or just pretend it’s perpetual morning
and lie in the sometime breeze
of the oscillating fan
napping away the day

(c)RCGA 2014



Wisteria by Maureen Sparling

Wisteria by Maureen Sparling

A wisteria runner reaches
seeking a grasp hold to climb.
The early sun glints
in the dewdrops it carries
sparkling and dimming
as the runner seems to tremble
for the porch rail.
I blow a stream of smoke
through a coil
to see it mirrored in the dew
and watch it waver at my breath
using it to swing closer
just a little closer
following the fulcrum
a chartreuse runner of hope.

(c)RCGA 2014


A cardinal settled in with the hens
pecking at the cracked corn,
a small dash of red
in the bobbing harlequin of feathers.

(c)RCGA 2014


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