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Inside the restless prowling
back and forth
the pacing

Deep inside the urgent tremor
pebbled skin
cool shivering

At the core the flood of visions
blood rush pounding like a drum
and the images unceasing
oh they come
and come
and come

There is no resisting nature

Nature always has its way

Thin ice veneer that’s civilized
no precedence to stay

and inside
the restless prowling
stops its pacing
coils and leaps

but you’d never know from looking
at her eyes twitch

while she sleeps.

(c) RCGA 2015



Far and away
the birds are singing
hailing morning
from the trees

From a window
someone hears them
music floating
on the breeze

Roused from sleep
with eyes half open
someone wakes
to filtered light

at birds and morning
where went the night

(c) RCGA 2015

Waxing Gibbous

It was rhetorical
when I asked

What am I going
to do with you?

But of course
you were snappy
with your reply

I don’t know

What are you going
to do with me?

I said

I am going
to steal a convertible
and take the top down

I am going
to kidnap you in it

and drive like mad
for the closest coast

When I reach the ocean

I am going
to show you
all the things
I have learned
and then
I will let you
teach me
something else

You laughed

Why don’t you skip
the grand theft auto

and by the way
you don’t need to kidnap me
I’ll go willingly

let’s just take
a slow ride
in my piece of shyte car
down to a beach

not the closest
but a private one

and play show and tell
as the mood strikes

and the moon?

(c) RCGA 2015



In the beginning
of the film

there’s always
a detective
knocking back whiskey
and eyeing
some femme fatale

in trouble

treble trouble

and the mood
is dark
so many shades of grey
that mix like smoke
in the sound
of saxophones

Put down the glass

let’s talk until morning

so you can see
my red lipstick

while you offer me
a light

(c) RCGA 2015


Hot Mess

never realizes
that she is the reason

She sits in the eye
quietly wondering
why the world
is falling down
around her

her own natural disaster
play out

and never understanding

even when she runs her course
and exhausted
simply cries herself
to sleep
at the end
of her push
from the sea

(c) RCGA 2015

Instant Message

A cup of tea
a cookie
and the screen
the ambient glow
with the darkened room

is so underrated

Let us speak of
cold oceans
of meals we remember
things and people
we’ve found
and lost

Let us chat
about our favorite colors
and how they look
spread out in nature
how the sound
of water
dripping off the roof
is like a ticking clock
now that the storm
has given way
to a slow night rain

It does not feel
that you are very far away
no farther really
than our ghosts
and they are here
trying to nab some shortbread
and butting in
on our conversation

(c) RCGA 2015


Little bird
I see you
swooping in the updrafts
of passing cars
like a city boy
latching onto
the bumper of a sedan
skates sparking
on the asphalt

and I wonder
if this is play
if you have adapted
to the ubiquitous
human presence
and you are
having a lark

or maybe
you are reminding us
in some sly avian

that without
our metal and gears
we are far more bound
to the earth
than you

(c) RCGA 2015


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