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Painted Lady

Something you must know
about falling in love
with me

before you weave
that final thread
that binds your heart
to mine

before I give you
the key to the door
and firm up
the terms of the lease

I am not just
the person
you have met
and learned to love
like a gingerbread house
set back from the sidewalk
window boxes waiting
for your flowers
shutters open
tempting a glance within

I am every person
I have ever been
and everyone
I have ever been with

There are pieces
of my history
that are immovable
great white columns
holding up the roof
of my sanity
and yet there are
things in my soul
that can be shifted about
to accommodate you
if you decide to move in

You will have to mind
the secret sliding doors
that may contain
unusual occupants

If you embrace them
as part of the decor
you are welcome
to bring your own
eclectic flair
into the mix

carve out your own space
with your own comfy chair

find an empty cup hook
for your special mug

But please do not expect
things to ever be new
even after polishing
you will still be sharing
a space
where others have dwelled
and though you
will have the pride
of presence
and my heart will feel
like home

part of its ultimate beauty
is that love built it
and each contributor
left echoes
in my structure

The Painted Lady of Tyler Hill by shutrbugr

(c) RCGA 2015



I have heard
the expression
fathomless eyes

and I rolled mine

because really
it is such
a trope

but then
I saw yours
and I realized


is a fair assessment

for the deep space
behind your stare

the galaxies
sweeping by
in a glance

the dark and inexplicable
of something too large
to fully measure

the excruciating beauty
of windows
to endless landscapes
sashed with lazy lids


there is such a thing
as fathomless eyes

but I think they
usually belong to
a soul who portals
the universe


(c) RCGA 2015


It was a poem
the way you slouched

I hope you understood that
when you were standing
in the lineup

and I exclaimed

That one
that one over there
on the end

the one with the shadow
across his face
he’s short
he’s bald
and there’s a raccoon
on his shoulder

That’s the one
who did it

That’s the one
who made me
raise my eyebrows

He stole
my attention

He’s the one
who admitted
people like us exist

then said

I won’t be pressing charges

but I would like
your contact information

because we aren’t done
with our conversation

I can see the outline
of a flask
in your pocket
that might have my name on it

and if that doesn’t
maybe something else
in your pocket

You look like
you have light fingers
(c) RCGA 2015

El Faro

The lighthouse
has sunk
beneath the waves


taking with it
all hands

their glow extinguished
in the storm

(c) RCGA 2015

Peaceful rest to the crew of the cargo ship El Faro, lost in Hurricane Joaquin.elfaro

The Man with the Long Tale

To the 48 y/o sapiosexual WM
from Arkansas
who I messaged late one night
and asked
for a story:

Thank you for responding.

In the midst of
your rambling
dangling tale
of Alice
her looking glass
Dr. Pepper
and quarters for laundry

I wondered if
this was how
kept a good head
on her shoulders

if she worked on a riff
or just had a good memory

if the gift of storytelling
is more about confabulation
in the long run

than it is about
what’s really happening

If what the sultan wanted
was just to be astounded
for a while
and have something else
to chase
in his dreams
besides his ghostly harem

(c) RCGA 2015


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