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Stuck In The Smoke Hole Of Our Tipi

A seasonal favorite… got to be careful where you’re going, Saint Nick 😉

Songs of My Heart

Today’s Christmas song is “Stuck In The Smoke Hole Of Our Tipi,” an original song by Shoshonee Elder Oldhands (flamingwarbonnet on Youtube). I heard it for the first time yesterday, when a friend emailed the link for the Youtube video to me. It gave me a good chuckle. I wasn’t feeling too well yesterday, so perhaps that set me up for this somewhat morbid sense of humor. But this song got me to think how we take it for granted that everyone around the world knows about Santa Claus and the Christmas tradition associated with him. To someone who doesn’t know about Christmas or Santa Claus, he must look pretty silly in that red suit, bellowing “Ho, Ho, Ho” and lugging around a big sack of toys. This song explores the possibility of what could happen if Santa encounters an Indian tribe that doesn’t know him or the Christmas tradition.

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Postcard from the Azores

Another country heard from:

hydrangeas from a distant shore.

The island of my husband’s family

cheerfully inscribed with a message

from a mutual friend

tugs at my nostalgia for his long fingers

holding up the camera,

his drawl coaxing me to smile for him,

then turning to a flower, closing in;

both subject to his fascination

enclosed in pixels just as much as mind,

his warm regard upon my face

a swathe of summer sun

and the scent of long-faded blossoms

somehow brushes across me

whispering Azores.

(c) RCGA 2017




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