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There is an art inherent in everything. I will admit I have an extraordinarily high standard for texting. That’s not really my fault. I have experienced some outrageous texting partners, but by far my favorite, and perhaps partially because we were somewhat anonymous to each other and never spoke outside the medium, was a Spanish poet from California who texted with me for several months back in 2011. We no longer have any contact with each other, and haven’t since that year. I kept our conversations, and periodically I read them for inspiration. I’ve posted one before, but it’s been a long time, and so here is another, a conversation between a Latino and a Latina separated by many miles who never met one another but had a brief affair via text.

Here, they travel, from miles apart to city streets, into the desert and through a storm, to a jungle where they come together.

Kissing you all over would be heaven.
You make me smile, mio, when you flirt.
You are torturing me from afar.
Your lovely smile..
exciting, enticing..
Your curves…
sensuous & sexy
You have a way with you ~
like spice on the back of my tongue ~
a memory of something that hasn’t happened yet ~
cruising down my spine…
your spine….
oh to kiss it…
your neck, your shoulders…
as I caress you.
Quietly, quietly we breathe
each other’s essence in the dark
learning, knowing
pleasure rising like waves of heat
from summer streets
your passion lights fires within me…
your sensuality makes my heart race
your soft body envelopes me in ecstasy
Your eyes shimmer
a mirage I find myself thirsty for
as if you are the last drink of water
I might ever have
and you will go down so smoothly
soothing me
flowing into all the dry corners of my soul
Your body & soul absorb me
As a cactus inhales desert rain
I, in turn, am nourished…
As u feed me passion & spirit
My sweet kisses dot your lovely face
Your smile kindles the embers of my desire
From afar I feel the storm approach
electric in the air
and then you sweep across me
like passionate rain
your mouth sliding down my skin
and nestling in secret places
your hands urging me
to lift myself into you
and fly
Your taste, your scent drive me wild
Your touch excites
Your every move lets me know…
Your desire, your passion
Our flight… unearthly… known only to the ancient gods
The gods have called us
a sacrifice to love
we flee into the jungle
only to be caught in the net of each other
Our bodies entwined
My lips meet yours
Our heat consumes me
I swell w desire
I feel you against me
firm and determined
our bodies know
there is a joining deeper than skin
and we are bound there

(c) RCGA

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