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Postcard from the Azores

Another country heard from:

hydrangeas from a distant shore.

The island of my husband’s family

cheerfully inscribed with a message

from a mutual friend

tugs at my nostalgia for his long fingers

holding up the camera,

his drawl coaxing me to smile for him,

then turning to a flower, closing in;

both subject to his fascination

enclosed in pixels just as much as mind,

his warm regard upon my face

a swathe of summer sun

and the scent of long-faded blossoms

somehow brushes across me

whispering Azores.

(c) RCGA 2017





Rain Day

The humidity is high
a damp grey curtain
made of wool
that clings and weighs me down
each time I venture out

Yet the birds sing
repetitive echoes in the trees
and somewhere
a dog barks once
punctuation to the cicadas
and crickets
and small frogs calling
for rain to come


(c) RCGA 2016

Dear Janet

Dear Janet:
Writing you on the other side
to say that
I wish I could lie on your table again
and have you tell me
the same thing
you did before:

Remember a time that you failed.

I was young then, Janet
I was so green and full of hubris
I did not want to fail
and had worked hard
not to ever be seen as a failure

Pride in the spring
before the long summer
Pride when the flowers blossom
ignoring the inevitability
of the petals falling away

Yes, I have failed, Janet
many times now
I have fallen and gotten up
over and over
as the weight of experience and years
piled onto my shoulders
and I chose a rocky path
or tripped on my own feet

The buds crested,
their full perfume a memory now
but there has been fruit
something to sustain me in the harvest
and hopefully, Janet
the seeds I preserve
will weather the winter
so I can share them
before I am part of the loam.

I am learning, Janet
I am learning that failure
as you said
means I am reaching farther
than the safety
of trying to be perfect
I am trying harder
to grow.

(c) RCGA 2016

This is my 200th post here.

For Janet Mentgen, RN and Healing Touch mentor, who passed in 2005.

Healing-Touch-Janet M


The goal is for
both form and surface
to heat and cool
at the same rate
to grow and retract
in seamless
melding motion
creating a smooth bond

Life is more like raku
in application

adjustments coming
and unexpectedly
small cracks
sending quiet pings
rippling around us
with the sound of fracture
skins both thin and thick

(the irony is that if glaze is applied
too thickly
it enhances the crazing…
so the thicker the skin
the bigger the cracks
and there’s no escape
from that flaw
once it’s fired into place)

Rivers of seams
fractal out from our growth spurts
visual reminders
that change comes
and leaves its mark
when we grow too fast
for our skin to adjust

There is no polishing them away
and yet
we can delight in it
take deliberate pleasure
in both subtle and garish fissures
displaying our age
and experience
in such a visual way
no one can mistake them
for anything
but battle scars

No dismissive critic
drawling insults of our crazing
can understand our depth
and strength
or provenance

(c) RCGA 2016
Crazing is a spider web pattern of cracks penetrating the glaze. It is caused by tensile stresses greater than the glaze is able to withstand. ~”Ceramic Glaze Technology”


Lakeside Pottery: Blue Glaze

The Man with the Long Tale

To the 48 y/o sapiosexual WM
from Arkansas
who I messaged late one night
and asked
for a story:

Thank you for responding.

In the midst of
your rambling
dangling tale
of Alice
her looking glass
Dr. Pepper
and quarters for laundry

I wondered if
this was how
kept a good head
on her shoulders

if she worked on a riff
or just had a good memory

if the gift of storytelling
is more about confabulation
in the long run

than it is about
what’s really happening

If what the sultan wanted
was just to be astounded
for a while
and have something else
to chase
in his dreams
besides his ghostly harem

(c) RCGA 2015


I told you
that I am philosophical
about desire

There are many things
that I have wanted
that I will never have

and there are also
many people
I could say the same thing

I have never
been spoiled
by the universe
into believing
I will get
just by wishing for it

or that some things
will even be mine
after pining
and urgent toil

That is…

it’s really not

But it teaches me
about myself
and the nature
of my desires
it teaches me
about the objects
of my desires
it teaches me
not to rely
on my desires

because they often
only reflect
a twinkling urge
rather than
a glowing need

and everyone knows
those stars we see
are not there
no matter that
we wish upon them

(c) RCGA 2015

Midnight Philosophy

Sitting in the screen glow
Kava brewing on the counter
waiting for your reply

Will your words be philosophical
or filthy
will the connection
always cerebral
float from one center to the next
an uneasy nexus
root to belly
heart to mind
back again

What is evolution

are we creating ourselves
or each other
by building up images
and wishful thoughts
clay of flesh
and blood of pixels
breath coming
from the exchange of words
and being stolen
by the intensity
of eyes joining
through a mechanical vector

Our animals speak
with the voices of gods

We have limited control
of the fractals of existence
only the portion
we can mediate in the moment

What would you like to happen

Where do you want to go

Is it already manifesting
and transmitting
from your retinas to mine
beyond consciousness
in a place
too deep to think any longer
without discomfort

My tea is done

I stir in the honey
and avoid your eyes

(c) RCGA 2015


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